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Interior Design

Your home is serious business. In urban living there should be a place of sanctuary, a respite from the hustle and bustle. Leave it to us to craft spaces that makes you and your family can truly call home. We work closely with our workshop and vendors to make sure every elements truly functional and luxurious. 


Office Design 

GMJ has been providing interior design concepts for corporate offices in Jakarta and greater part of Indonesia. Our Office space Interior design concepts not only reflect the strength and values of a company, they play an important role in creating a comfortable and efficient working environment, needed for today’s modern workplaces. At GMJ, we believe the significance of combining creativity and business, and together we can help you achieve your dream workplaces through our interior design ideas and solutions. 

Commercial & Retail

GMJ has also covered a wide range of retail and commercial interior designs for various types such as boutique interiors, shopping mall retail interiors, and other retail interior concepts in Jakarta, and throughout Indonesia. With our creativity and strong team of designers, we have provided our clients with attractive interior design concepts for them to achieve the best visual solutions and in turn, good retail sales. At GMJ, we understand the needs to maximize the retail spaces in order to achieve the highest sales for every inch of space and at the same time providing with the most attractive designs visually.

Cafe, Restaurant & Bar

Our expertise in the restaurant interior concept has been known to bring innovative and award winning designs to our clients. We believe in bringing value-added process through our interior design expertise and our ability to understand deeply for our clients’ needs in terms of budget, schedule, seating-capacity, limited space, and branding in order to attract their customers. 

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